About us


Welcome to our blog! We are Ella and Laura, two girls leading happy and healthy lifestyles after recovering from anorexia. On this website we hope to share with you our current fitness journeys as well as our experiences and tips for recovery. As avid fitness enthusiasts, we want to show our passion for the gym and new found love for food! We believe that food is about nourishing your body, but also to be enjoyed! We are in no way ‘clean eaters’ and we think that whilst health is important, having daily treats, a little processed food here or some white carbs there are perfectly OK for the lifestyles of people today. We’re bored of the constant craze with ‘clean eating’, ‘no days off’ and ‘low carb diets’ which are quite the opposite of ‘healthy’.

We train hard because we love it, not because we want to look a certain way or be a certain weight! We love working out to increase our strength, reach new goals and raise our game. It’s about learning to love your body for what it is and where it can take you, rather than for what it’s not. We hope to promote a healthy and positive mindset, be it for people recovering from an eating disorder, for those seeking to improve their general health or for those wanting to lose weight and turn their lives around. By sharing our experiences, we want to prove that all of these are possible when you have a positive mindset, are fully committed and enjoy your health and fitness journey!

We can’t describe to you how amazing it feels to be healthy again after having suffered. Our intention is to be honest and genuine in our day to day lives – our good days and our bad days. We upload pictures of ourselves to prove that we practice what we preach, to give inspiration and to show that you can have your ‘Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Raspberry and White Chocolate cookie‘ (or 4) and look FIT too.

It is possible to gain weight and be happier.

It is possible to overcome the hardest of challenges.

It is possible to change and redefine yourself.