It’s ‘PEAK WEEK’. Week 10. (oops)


Laura here. Remember me?! So errrr yeeeehhhhh my weekly prep blogs kinda failed over the last few weeks. I am rubbish and I sincerely apologise. If I’m honest, I have been so busy juggling a bunch of new clients, working on building my online business, my full time job and staying on top of my training and nutrition. Oh and my social life cos that is important too! Not an excuse though. I’m crap and I need to get better at time management but such is life. I’ll learn and I’ll get better and one day I’ll be like one of them proper bloggers who have their shit together and have time to blog daily and vlog and make their food look presentable and make themselves look presentable too. I was chatting to a client of mine the other night and she asked me where my blogs were and I felt BAAADDDD!!! So here we are. I’m back.

If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll kind of know what’s been going on in my life and how things are going with prep. If you don’t follow me on Instagram then where have you been?? To be honest things are fine and dandy – I’m happy, I’m strong, I’m fit and I’m fed. I can’t complain. Dare I say…. I’m enjoying and have enjoyed prep!

My show is on Sunday so I am now in my final week of prep or ‘peak week’ as its commonly referred to in the body building world. This is the week where the final touches are made, usually through food and water manipulation. Things like carb loading to make the muscles appear fuller and tighter, sodium depletion to reduce water retention and make the body appear drier, consuming crazy amounts of water to ‘flush the body out’ and reduce water retention and solely sticking to ‘clean’ foods. “Peak week’ is something that is massively hyped up, like its some sort of magic week that completely changes the physique and is this hellish week of asparagus, no carbs, minimal coffee, naps and tears. Not necessary thanks very much. While some of the above are needed for professional body builders, like them massive, veiny, muscly guys, us bikini gals just don’t need that hassle! Fizzy drinks and sweeteners have been taken out from today but that’s about as far as it goes.

The plan for my ‘peak week’ is to not have a peak week at all. The plan is to just continue doing what I’ve been doing. Change nothing. My physique is ready for show day so nothing else needs to happen. What I do need to do is rest and not fuk up. We just need to continue doing what we’ve been doing because that’s when I look and feel my best and that’t the package we want to see on stage. We’re not taking anything out of my diet or introducing anything new. Training is gradually being tapered and my final cardio session was Wednesday night. My final leg day was Tuesday and my final upper body day was today. It’s all about making sure the body is rested and relaxed and the muscles aren’t sore or holding water from heavy training. The mistake that people commonly make during peak week is changing what they’ve been doing for the past 16 weeks – adding in foods that the body isn’t used to digesting, introducing training that they haven’t done throughout the whole of prep, over training and trying to make last minute changes to their physique. Recipe for disaster.

Look at it this way – if your physique isn’t ready at the beginning of peak week then it ain’t gonna be ready by show day, regardless of how much bloody asparagus you eat or how many double cardio sessions you do.

Anyway following others on social media had me PROPER worried about peak week. All I’ve seen is people eating shit loads of asparagus, minimal carbs and gallons of water. I haven’t touched a piece of asparagus for this whole prep, thank god cos it’s gross!!

Here’s what keeping it the same looks like with regard to my diet:

Macros 2150cals, 135 protein, 265 carbs and 59 fat.

Meal 1

100g bran flakes

1 egg, 2 egg whites, 20g peanut butter

Meal 2

200g sweet potato

100g chicken

100g veg

Meal 3

Protein bar

Meal 4

Half a pack of microwave rice

100g chicken

100g veg

Meal 5

50g cereal with almond milk

Meal 6

40g oats

200g courgette

1 scoop of protein powder

20g peanut butter

20g choc shot

I also usually have a couple of fruit pastels and a mini egg or 2 to satisfy my sweet tooth. I also have about 3 coffees, 2 diet fizzy drinks and 5 litres of water.


Peanut butter and PB powder currently going on everything. Obsessed.

On rest days it’s 1800 cals and carbs at 170g (I take minimal rest days so I can avoid those macros as much as possible lol).

In comparison to the other full day of eating I did in about week 4 of prep, you’ll notice that not much has changed. Calories have only been reduced by about 400 throughout the whole of prep – that’s nothing!!! Yet the changes to my physique and body composition have been huge. While being in a calorie deficit has ultimately got my body to look the way it does now, it’s also massively been down to CONSISTENCY with my diet and training EFFECTIVELY. (Note how I said effectively and not excessively!)




Post comp I will make sure to do some detailed blog posts of certain aspects of my prep, including things like what I’ve learnt, my tips for anyone wanting to compete, will I put myself through it all again, how to lose fat easily, how to train effectively and lots more. Any other suggestions are very welcome!

While competing is an extreme and definitely not for everyone, I can honestly say that it can be done in a SAFE and HAPPY way if you’re clever enough to do it properly and to wait until your body is ready to diet. I can’t wait to share more of what I’ve learnt post comp and hopefully help those of you wanting to get into shape.


Current physique. Sitting at 57.4kg. Feeling good about how I’m looking 🙂