What motivates me. Week 9.

So it’s 4 weeks until show day. HOLY MOLY MAAANNN! Weight and measurements are unchanged from last week so I’ve left them out of this post. We’re now mainly focusing on how I look rather than the numbers. Making sure my physique is looking full and tight is far more important than whether I step on stage at 60kg or 58kg.

As you’ve probably seen over my social media and prep series of blog posts, I’ve really enjoyed the bikini competition preparation process so far. The challenge has been SO much fun and an exciting learning curve. I’ve never had something so big to work towards before so the challenge has been great! I’ve really embraced the process and just gone for it – I chose to do this so no time for moaning or whinging or getting frustrated or whatever else.

I’m not exactly sure what the plan is for the next 4 weeks as we’re just taking things a week at a time. Over the past 2 weeks I’ve been checking in with my coach, Josh, every 3/4 days so he can monitor how my body is responding to certain changes in my diet. While there is an overall plan and both Josh and I know what we’re doing, it is also a bit of trial and error. It’s my first comp and the first time I’ve put my body through all of these changes so we just need to see how things progress I guess. With it only being 4 weeks to go, this is where things could potentially get TOUGH so the two things I’ve told myself are:

  • Don’t get complacent – keep pushing HARD. While I’m happy with my progress and how I look right now, there’s still room for improvement. I can still look better so I will continue to push hard right up until show day, keeping training intensity high and sticking to my nutrition plan.
  • When things get tough (i.e. I’m tired or I get hungry and just wanna scoff) remember the reasons why I started on this journey! Continue to enjoy the process because it’s just another wicked little journey in my life. NO STRESS!
Janet Layug is PHYSIQUE GOALS!

I get messages quite often on social media about MOTIVATION – how I find motivation, how I stay motivated to do what I do everyday and what my biggest tips are for staying motivated.

My answer is simple and far from ground breaking to be honest. I could sit here and reel off motivational exercises and practices, drill into you about how planning is key, how you should live your life reading motivational sayings or have them stuck up on every wall in your house, or how you should wake up and watch those motivational YouTube videos with empowering music that will make you feel like an invincible human. While all of these have their place in increasing motivation on the days when you just CAN’T BE ARSED, my answer is this –

Find something you are TRULY passionate about.

It sounds cheesy cos if finding your passion was so easy and brought so much happiness then life would a breeze and no one would ever feel demotivated or unhappy. It’s tough because finding your passion is a hard task. Not everyone will follow or even find their passion in life. If that’s the case then find something you enjoy or something that brings you fulfilment and that you want to invest your time in.

With the increased presence of social media in our lives it’s very easy to hop on board the latest trend or to try and replicate what our favourite social media influencer is doing. It then gets a few weeks down the line and you lose motivation and probably put it down to not being ‘good enough’ when really it’s down to doing something that you’re not truly passionate about. Your heart’s not fully in it and you’re not ready to commit and give it your all.

When you embark on a journey, whether it’s health and fitness related, whether it’s studying or whether it’s a new business venture or even a relationship, your heart should be FULLY in it and you should be doing it for the right reasons (i.e FOR YOURSELF!). When I was at university, I seriously lacked motivation because my heart wasn’t completely in it. Most days I felt defeated because I didn’t feel good enough or intelligent enough, when really it was down to me not being on the right journey FOR ME. I felt as though I was at uni because I had to be, rather than actually wanting to be there. This is the same for those of you wanting to maybe get into weight training or prep for a competition. If you’re doing it for someone else or because you feel as though you have to then motivation WILL VERY QUICKLY dwindle and more often than not it will make you feel defeated, which in turn will reduce motivation further.

The reason I can stay so motivated to go to the gym every day, eat the way I do and be consistent in making choices that will help me reach my goal is down to 2 things.

  1. I do what I do for ME
  2. I have found my PASSION and I TRULY love what I do

Eating nourishing food, sticking to my nutrition plan, training hard up to 6 days a week, dropping my old habits of drinking and smoking too often and all the other things I do are in line with my goal of not just competing but also my love for living a healthy, happy and active life. I do all of these things out of genuine enjoyment and love for what I do.

Find what’s right for you and let that be your motivation.

This isn’t to say that everyday I feel 100% and OF COURSE there are some days that are harder than others, where I’d rather lie in a duvet cocoon and be a sloth than run 10km in the rain or stick 60kg on my back and squat it but when those days do come around I am able to reflect on the reasons why I am on my journey and why I want to succeed and progress.

I also find it helps to surround myself with people who want me to succeed and who want to support me. Whatever journey you’re on, a lot of people just won’t get it and having these people around WILL very quickly bring you down. Not everyone will understand what you’re doing but if you know that you’re doing it for you and you are truly enjoying it then you don’t have to justify or explain yourself to anyone.

Well that’s just how I see it anyway…

Because what’s a motivational blog without some motivational quotes…

Progress pics: Start vs. Week 9