Partying on prep. Week 8.

Start of Week 8: Measurements and weight

Weight – 60.3kg

Thigh – 58cm

Glute – 95cm

Waist – 68.5cm

It’s 5 weeks until SHOW DAY! 5 WEEKS!!! WTF! After my coach reduced my macros last check in, we’ve seen a mega drop in weight and measurements this week which we do and don’t want. Obviously we want to see changes because it shows us that my body is responding the way we want it to and I’m becoming leaner, which effectively is the goal. However we don’t want this because we don’t want to get me too lean too soon or for me to look ‘flat’ (i.e. skinny and not muscular!). So 2 refeeds this week to get my muscles looking nice and full and all will be fine and dandy!

At the weekend I was down in London for a trance music gig with a load of ma pals. NOT A CHANCE was I allowing the fact that I’m on prep stop me from going! I made a bit of a weekend of it and organised to meet up with a few friends because I’m rarely able to get down to London because I work all the bloody time.

Competing is PART of my life and not ALL of my life. I’m still a normal person, and while I do have to make a few sacrifices in order to make sure I’m improving my condition, I’m still going to HAVE FUN every so often! Because life is about having fun and making memories! If anyone tells you that you can’t have fun whilst dieting then they know NOTHIN’! OK? Cool.


So how did I allow for a few drinks, a night out and a day of indulging on delicious food in London, without it effecting my physique or making me take a big step backwards?

  • REST

Nights out take their toll on your body and ESPECIALLY going to a trance gig where you spend your night jumping up and down like a bloody maniac, sweating buckets and doing a weeks worth of steps in one evening. For anyone in a calorie deficit, the body will get exhausted far easier than someone with adequate food. I made sure that my sleep was ON POINT during the week leading up to the night out. I also had a power nap on the train on the way down. People underestimate the power of sleep and how important it is for recovery and your ability to lose weight. If you body is tired and stressed then you can think again about losing weight or making improvements to your physique.



We all know that alcohol dehydrates the body so ensuring that you’re super hydrated PRIOR to drinking alcohol is key. Adequate water is such an important factor when it comes to weight loss and overall HEALTH. Prior to the night out, I drank over 4 litres of water. I also made sure to drink plenty of water while I was out and before I went to bed. It sounds like an effort but you’ll be laughing when you wake up hydrated and headache free the following day. I had 4 drinks and I’d be lying if I said they were low cal drinks. Strongbow dark fruits was the drink of choice – probably the most sugary and calorific.

If you are drinking more often then I would suggest going for lower calorie options (spirits with zero cal mixers). Avoid mixers like juice and avoid beers/ciders (oops) as the calories do very quickly add up, putting you in a calorie surplus. Too often and this WILL inhibit your progress. Don’t undo all of your hard work during the week by going out and getting pissed every single weekend. Do it like once a month instead – you’ll have a lower alcohol tolerance and drink less anyway! Win win!

Look, WATER (and wine!) ^
  • FOOD

Alcohol is high in sugars so to allow for a few drinks, I simply reduced my calorie intake throughout the day, primarily by removing some of my carb sources from my meals. This isn’t something I recommend you do all the time as food is far more beneficial to the body than alcohol (duh!) but if you’re occasionally going on a night out then there’s nothing wrong with doing this. Thats why I’m such a fan of IIFYM (if it fits your macros) because you can make allowances like this.

The following day when I was out and about in London with various friends, I had all of my meals in restaurants. Again, this isn’t something I do very often so once in a while IT’S OK! I used this day as my refeed day and pretty much had what I fancied, within reason! I made sure to get in adequate protein at every meal and I stuck to higher carb and lower fat meals. Nothing overly complicated, just making INTELLIGENT CHOICES! No way should a diet get in the way of you enjoying a weekend of indulgence once in a while.




The day of the night out, I didn’t train as I knew the night out would be exercise enough, so I didn’t want to train and put excess stress on my body and feel exhausted for the following few days! I did however get a training session in the evening after my night out and I made sure to be active the following day – walking around London I hit a whopping 20,000 steps. Definitely enough cardio for one day!



So THERE YA GO! With a few SMART choices you can very easily still enjoy yourself and stay on track. You don’t have to become a hermit in order to reach your goals.

REMEMBER I’m not saying this is something I do every weekend! I used to go out and get off my nut all the frickin’ time, and while I used to love it, I do value my health a lot more these days and actually ENJOY feeling healthy and having alcohol free, productive and active weekends. Sure, gimme a cocktail, some good music and a wild party once in a while, but likewise gimme a 10km race, a hike up a hill with some mates and some roasted veg and I’m a happy gal!

For anyone currently trying to make better choices with regard to food and health, here’s a low fat, high protein chocolate brownie recipe for yas! ENJOY!



  • 400g cooked sweet potato (weight without skin!)
  • 20g cocoa powder
  • 25g maple syrup
  • 1 sachet of Whey Box Mint Choc (or their gingerbread flavour which is equally as delicious!) – use code WBOX20 for money off your first box of sachets!
  • 1stp baking powder



  • Cook the sweet potatoes whole in the oven for 90mins (they should be caramelised and super soft and gooey!)
  • Scoop out the insides of the potatoes into a large bowl
  • Mix the potato with all the other ingredients
  • Put the mixture in a baking tray or bowl
  • Cook for 20-25mins
  • They won’t firm up completely like a regular cake or brownie. They will however taste DELICIOUS!
  • Add yoghurt and toppings!


End of Week 8: Measurements and weight

Weight – 59.8kg

Thigh – 56.5cm

Glute – 93.5cm

Waist – 66.5cm

Progress pictures: Start vs. Week 8