My top 2 fitness tips. Week 7.

Start of Week 7: Measurements and weight

Weight – 60.1kg

Thigh – 57cm

Glute – 94.5cm

Waist – 68cm

So it’s just over 6 weeks until show day – time is well and truly FLYING! I honestly can’t believe how quickly this prep is going. I’m still feeling FANTASTIC – energetic, healthy, happy, fit and speedy (got a new Parkrun PB last week – awahoooo).

Check in with my coach on Thursday went well. My weight hasn’t budged, nor have my measurements but with where I’m at now in terms of my physique, not much more needs to change, which I am thrilled about. I need to be slightly tighter around my lower half but nothing that some sensible dieting can’t sort out! Too many girls sit at dangerously low weights and body fat % as they prep for bikini competitions so the fact that I’m able to be at the body composition I’m at (i.e. the body fat percentage) and still be at a healthy weight with a fully functioning, healthy and happy body makes me pleased with how the process is going. Ensuring optimal health has been my number one priority throughout this prep and HEALTHY I AM!

Calories have been dropped slightly this week and current daily macros are now 2270cals, 140g protein, 285g carbs and 60g fat. I’m still having one refeed day a week of 3500cals and on super active swimming days cals are at 2750 – scoffer Bards still doing what she’s good at. Mmmmmm FOOD!

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Today I’m going to talk about 2 important tips for anyone either starting out on their fitness journey OR for those who may be a bit lost on their fitness journey. I’m not going to sit here and tell you to drink more water, eat adequate food, lift heavy weights, increase daily activity levels, have protein with every meal, eat your greens etc. While they’re all very valid points, I’m pretty sure you can find those tips elsewhere! So here are my 2 tips which I think are more important than the above mentioned. Hopefully you find them useful and/or thought provoking.

  1. Just do YOU! Find what YOU enjoy and be on this journey for YOU

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Possibly the most important piece of advice and thing to remember is being true to yourself and doing what is right FOR YOU. Who cares if your favourite ‘fitspo’ is shelling out lame advice about how you have to hip thrust everything in sight in order to get a great arse or someone else is telling you that you have to lift heavy everyday and do no cardio or someone else is saying you should do HIIT or LISS or whatever other silly acronyms there are.

Lifting weights is very popular at the moment and I think that’s great. It’s something I really enjoy and have a passion for BUT if weight training isn’t for you then that’s OK! Find what IS right for you.

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to fitness and that’s the beauty of it. To be honest, I still don’t know what I enjoy the most but that’s cool because I enjoy being an athlete and trying all sorts of exciting sports and challenges. You don’t have to stick all your eggs in one basket. I’m a runner/swimmer/soon-to-be triathlete/bodybuilder/scoffer (scoffing food should be a sport!). That’s what makes my fitness routine so enjoyable and sustainable. I’m constantly doing different things to challenge myself and I’m doing them because it’s what I want to do rather than what I think I should be doing.


You don’t have to be a bodybuilder or a gym bunny or have a massive arse or washboard abs to ‘prove’ that you partake in fitness. Just because lifting is the ‘in’ thing at the moment, doesn’t mean that it has to make up your whole fitness journey. Get creative, try new things, meet new people who enjoy the same activities as you. Play basketball, climb hills, dance, ice skate, try fencing for christ sake. Whatever it is, make sure it’s something that you want to do.

If your fitness journey isn’t bringing you happiness or having a positive impact on your life then why are you investing your time into it? You wouldn’t continue to read a book you didn’t like. You wouldn’t continue to hang out with people you didn’t like or who didn’t have a positive influence on your life, so why bother wasting your life doing a certain fitness activity that you don’t like, just because you feel as though you have to.

2. Focus on your HEALTH rather than the physical outcome and just ENJOY the process…’AV FUN!

Health and fitness shouldn’t just be a diet for your summer holiday or a few guilt induced hours of cardio to burn some calories after an indulgent meal. Health and fitness should be something you INVEST your time into. Too many of us create unhealthy relationships with exercise and food due to all the crash diets and fads we jump on and the unrealistic physique goals we set for ourselves, which is what is causing the negative side of the health and fitness industry.

I lift weights and I run because I CARE about my HEALTH. Exercise brings me joy and fulfilment. I love pushing myself and setting new challenges and goals. I love how training impacts my productivity in a positive way and how it lifts my mood and energy levels.

I CHOOSE to NOURISH my body, not because I feel I need to diet to look a certain way, but because I care about my short and long term health. I care about my metabolism, my skin, my mind, my performance, my energy levels, my body…you get the picture!

Too many of us are outcome focused and concentrate too much on our appearance or whether what we’re doing is ‘working’, rather than actually just embracing and enjoying the process. We base our success in fitness on how we look, disregarding how we feel and our actual HEALTH. We all want the results of our hard work to show, of course, but why should that be the only driving factor and why should it jeopardise our short and potentially long term health?

Once I stopped focusing on my appearance, how lean I was, whether my abs were more visible than they were the week before or whether my arse had grown, I truly started to enjoy the process. There’s nothing more satisfying than FEELING FRICKIN’ HEALTHY, watching your strength improve and smashing a new running PB. If anything, switching my focus actually lead to BETTER physical changes because they just happened organically and as a result of my healthy lifestyle.

The reality is that you’re never going to be 100% satisfied because your physique is subjective and you’re always gonna find a fault. Sad but true. So stop wishing for that end goal and start embracing where you’re at right now. I see fitness as a journey and one that is constantly changing and evolving and that’s why it’s so much fun! I have fun and just go with it. True happiness comes from being healthy so focus on that over anything else.


End of Week 7: Measurements and weight

Weight – 60.3kg

Thigh – 58cm

Glute – 95cm

Waist – 68.5cm

Progress pictures: Start vs. Week 7