How to improve your workouts: The Lion King and thongs

  1. Pre-workout guzzling. You need to be hydrated for your workout for optimum performance. If its an early AM workout, you will be super hydrated so guzzle a pint of water when you wake up.
  2. No phone. In between sets is not an opportunity to take a selfie, message that guy you like or scroll through insta. That’s what stretching is for 😉 If your rep range is higher than 6/8, you want to be keeping rest time to just 30 seconds. If you’re working in the strength range (anything below 6 reps) then you will need longer so around 2-3 minutes. This way you’ve got enough time to recover and smash those PBs.
  3. Change it up. Your body will adapt to the exercises you give it. If you don’t change the stimuli every so often, your body will get comfy and lazy and no more adaptations will come about. Shock it by throwing some supersets, tri-sets or even a big fat giant set (4 exercises + in a row) into your programme. Change your type of cardio from steady state to HIIT, swap seated exercises for standing, swap barbells to dumbbells or add in a resistance band. Keep that body on its toes!
  4. A sick playlist. Whether you’re like Laura and the Lion King soundtrack gets you going (haha!), or Ella who thinks she’s ghetto and loves hip hop…get that adrenaline going and get pumped for your workout!
  5. Compound lifts. These are the big moves which use multiple muscle groups and joints. Compound lifts such as the squat, deadlift, bench press and pull ups should form the basis of any strength programme because they are so effective for building muscle and are important functional moves. By that we mean that these movements such as bending over or sitting down mimic the movements which we need in our day to day lives. Machine work is great for isolating certain muscles, but don’t just stick them! 16881029_10154130954467035_76113446_o
  6. Comfy thongs. Seriously, it’s like squatting with nothing on. No one gets PBs with uncomfortable pants on.
  7. Stretch it out. We were joking, stretching is kinda important. Hands up, we were both once guilty for never stretching out… because well who can be arsed? You’ve smashed your workout and you just want to go eat! But just 5-10 minutes before you go scoff and your muscles will appreciate it- it will increase your flexibility meaning it will aid your weight training and it will help prevent muscle soreness the next day.
  8. Post-workout munching. Now you can go eat! If you don’t get some good quality cals in after your session, all your hard work will be negated. Get lots of carbs and proteins in to replenish energy stores and support muscle growth and repair. Failing to refuel will only make your next session more difficult and lead to unhappy metabolisms 😥


(Sweet banana omelette is the perfect post workout meal! 3 whole eggs, 2 egg whites, one banana, honey and cinnamon)