Food diary of a gal on prep. Week 3

Start of Week 3: Measurements and weight

Weight – 61.3kg

Thigh – 58.5cm

Glute – 95cm

Waist – 69cm

Another week down. 10 and a half weeks to go until SHOW DAY! It’s been another successful week and I am feeling happy, strong and positive.

Going back to last weeks check in with my coach. Weight had slightly reduced and measurements slightly reduced too so we incorporated a refeed. A brief explanation of what a refeed is. It is a brief period of increased calories, primarily carbohydrates, and is a tool that can be used by people who are dieting in order to briefly boost the metabolism and promote fat loss. It also gives the body some extra cals to prevent catabolism (breaking down muscle) and promote anabolism (building muscle), ie. help maintain as much muscle as possible when in a calorie deficit. Perfect for someone dieting for a bodybuilding show to prevent losing too much muscle and also to prevent dropping too much weight too far out from the competition. Refeeds can also benefit a person psychologically, as it allows for a brief period enjoying some more indulgent foods, as opposed to their usual dieting foods.

When in a dieting phase the body adapts to the calories it is given in order to prevent further fat loss. For example if you dropped your calories to 1800 and lost some weight and body fat, that weight loss would plateau as your body adapted to that calorie intake. Through evolution, the body doesn’t want to lose fat because basically it needs body fat to survive! In order to promote fat loss, giving your body extra cals through a refeed after a period of being in a calorie deficit means that the body has to work harder to burn those extra cals, therefore the metabolism must increase. This elevated metabolism for the following day or so can promote fat loss.

This isn’t an excuse to gorge on 4000 extra cals of shite food, which is a mistake that a lot of people do make. A lot of people can get into a cycle of restrictive eating during the week followed by a weekend of ‘binging’ and that is not the aim here! The carbs consumed will be stored in your muscles as glycogen, ready to be used as energy if the refeed is done properly.

LOL. What not to do when having a refeed. Or ever.

Anyway off I went to M&S and picked up one of their stone baked pizzas, a massive cookie and some of those little crispy chocolate bites that they do in the tubs. Oh and I had some granola! And shared a piece of carrot cake with my mum. Nothing too extravagant but a nice amount of food to boost my daily intake up to around 3500 (I ate all of my normal meals throughout the day and had the refeed as my evening meal). The next day I felt energised and my hunger was next level which is exactly the response we were hoping for. Increased metabolism for the following few days, hopefully boosting fat loss.

img_8329   blogger-image-1529369882   14504719_198927080540542_5665281551001190400_n

M&S gobbles for the win!!

I also went to visit the wonderful Mandie at Black Ice Bikinis (have a look at her work, OMG) and I ORDERED MY COMP BIKINI!!! I cannot wait to see the finished product. They’re all custom and handmade so we sat amongst fabrics, crystals, bra cups, padding (much needed) and bikini bottoms and came up with the shape and colour that suited me most and will hopefully look fabulous! I’m so excited to wear it already.

When it comes to sharing food/macronutrient intake on social media, a lot of ‘fitspos’ don’t like to share! They like to make it clear that sharing their macros is a useless exercise because everyone is individual and their macros work for them but may not work for you.

While it’s true that everybody’s macro requirements are different and macro nutrient intakes are very specific to the individual, I actually think the main reason why they don’t like to share what they’re eating is because they don’t want to share how poor of a diet and calorie intake they do have. It’s sad how the health and fitness industry is full of a fair few clueless people who are offering out nutritional advice and diet plans but struggle to have a healthy relationship with food themselves. As you’ll have seen in a recent Instagram post about said ‘fitspos’, all I’ll say is be careful who you get your advice from and if you’re buying nutrition plans from your fave Instagram or YouTube fitspo, do your research on them before throwing your money at them. Make sure that they are going to look out for your long term health.

A healthy body needs a good amount and variety of food and macronutrients. As I’ve touched on in previous blogs, if your maintenance calorie intake is already quite low then you really shouldn’t be attempting to diet by reducing calories EVEN further.

Reverse diet, gradually walk your calories up by adding in extra bits of food each week, get your intake nice and high and THEN you can think about reducing calories and losing fat. This will be far more sustainable and will you give you long term results, rather than it being a crash diet that leads to you gaining all the weight back (and more) after a few weeks because maintaining your weight on such low calories is just too damn hard. Yes it’s a long and strict process and yes you may not have your dream body straight away but you’ll thank yourself later down the line!

Anyhooooo, I want to share with you what I’ve been scoffing this week. Everyday is pretty much the same at the moment, with the odd tweak here and there. The only changes I do make is every 5th day when I have a slightly lower carb and calorie day as it’s my rest day.

I’m rarely at home so food is usually consumed out of a tuppaware, hence the lack of ‘aesthetic-ness’ in my food.

Meal 1

I am always starving in the morning and breakfast foods make my life complete so breakfast is always a packed out meal of 2 parts. I usually train after breakfast so I like to make sure that I get enough food into me to fuel my workout.

  • 2 chocolate Weetabix, 150ml almond milk
  • 3 eggs, 1 wrap, 5ml olive oil, handful of rocket

TOTAL = 635 cals, 28g protein, 62g carbs, 29g fat

Meal 2

Usually post training. A good mix of fast absorbing carbs and lean protein. Cereal again because cereal is life! Eating post workout is important to help with muscle growth and recovery. If you’re training often and if you’re training hard, proper nutrition is vital to help maintain your standard of training and for optimal results. Whether its lifting in the gym or training for a sports team, get your food in.

  • 125g cooked rice, 70g cooked chicken (100g raw weight), 150g green veg
  • 50g coco pops, 150ml almond milk

TOTAL = 588 cals, 40g protein, 80g carbs, 9g fat


Meal 3

Same as meal 2 but with a mega sweet potato (or white). Just depends what potato mood I’m in. Sometimes its mash. Sometimes wedges. Potatoes are just so versatile. 

  • 300g sweet potato, 70g cooked chicken (100g raw weight), 150g green veg

TOTAL = 419 cals, 32g protein, 70g carbs, 2g fat


Meal 4

Usually around 10.30 when I get in from work. I love carbs in the evening. Actually I love carbs at any point in the day, but especially in the evening. They make my feel warm and happy and full, which helps me sleep. Theres nothing worse than going to bed on an empty stomach. Feeling hungry will affect your sleep which will result in lower energy levels the following day due to lack of food and lack of sleep. Also proof that ‘carbs after dark’ don’t make you fat. Nearly 100g of carbs before bed every night and I ain’t fat yet.

  • 70g oats, 1 scoop PHD vanilla whey, 150g grated courgette, 20g jam, 15g choc shot, 80g banana, 100g strawberries

TOTAL = 547 cals, 29g protein, 97g carbs, 8g fat



Because snacks are essential. This was the first time trying the fulfil bars and they did not disappoint. The macros on them are incredible and they taste so indulgent and delicious. I bought them at Holland and Barrett

  • Fulfil protein bar
  • 2 Snack-A-Jack rice cakes
  • Mini box of cookie crisp cereal

TOTAL 339 cals, 22g protein, 39g carbs, 10g fat

GRAND TOTAL = 2528 cals, 152g protein, 348g carbs, 57g fat

On top of that, I’m drinking 4L of water per day, 2/3 coffees, a few green/peppermint teas, a can of diet coke and a monster (cos I swear i’m addicted and I luv caffeine xoxo)

So there it is. A day in the life of a scoffer. 3 take away lessons from this blog:

  1. Being on prep for a show doesn’t mean that its chicken, rice and broccoli 6 times per day.
  2. It may not be the most nutritious food in the world, but cereal can be eaten on a weight loss plan.
  3. Carbs are your friend and can actually help to promote fat loss.

End of Week 3: Measurements and weight

Weight – 61.1kg

Thigh – 58.5cm

Glute – 95.5cm

Waist – 68.5cm

Progress pictures: Start vs. Week 3