Bikini prep commences. Week 1.

Starting weight and measurements:

Weight – 62.7kg

Thigh – 59.5cm

Glute – 96.5cm

Waist – 72cm

Week one is complete and life is great. It’s been pretty smooth sailing to be honest. Nothing has changed massively in terms of nutrition and training, apart from me actually being honest with myself about what I’m consuming and actually hitting my macros for a change. Prior to starting prep, I used MyFitnessPal to track my food intake. Tracking isn’t for everyone. Some people can get too obsessed by it. Some people find it too confusing. Personally I like to track my food. It’s not a chore. I can track very easily and in a healthy way that fits around my active lifestyle. I like to make sure that I’m getting in enough food to fuel my training. My downfall however is that I have been known to underestimate portion size (ie. log what I want to log, not log what I don’t want to log).

If the food was never logged, was the food ever consumed?

How philosophical!

I have a tendency to, for example, scoff a handful of m&m’s and track that I ate 20g when in reality it was 50g (*100g).

And that’s fine for the average day to day gym goer who wants to maintain a happy and healthy physique and lifestyle. Everything doesn’t need to be weighed out to the gram. That would be far too much effort! That’s why I have the approach to nutrition and training that I do. Get moving and have fun in the gym and have a bit of what you fancy but make sure you eat your protein and your veggies too. Simple.

Anyway, this week I’ve been portioning and weighing out my food properly, stopped my mindless snacking and removed my hands from the box of granola to ensure that I’ve hit my macro nutrient and calorie goals consistently each day. I’ve made sure that all my meals have been prepped to avoid slip ups, which has made my life a hell of a lot easier.

This weeks macros were 2350cals, 140 protein, 300 carbs and 60 fat (approx).

I’ve been eating a lot of chicken, a tonne of veg and a shit load of carbs but even with all this food I have felt HUNGRY! My calories are still high and by no means am I under eating, but maybe I was actually eating more than I initially thought through my constant grazing and snacking.

Tip for people wanting to drop a few pounds or wanting to feel great for a holiday or event. Before you start going crazy in the gym and restricting your food intake, have a look where those little extra calories are coming from. Things like sauces, juices, the odd piece of chocolate, a biscuit with your tea, sugar in your coffee, a bite (or 5) of your kid’s or partner’s meal. We all do it and we’re all in denial. It’s like what I was saying before. We like to pretend those little extras didn’t happen, but then we’re confused and often frustrated when we don’t see the results that we think we’ve been working so hard for. You’d be surprised how all of these little extras do add up and how they may be stopping your weight loss goal. If this is something you’re guilty of, try tracking your food intake (honestly!!!) for a day or two and see where little changes can be made. Those little changes will very quickly make a big difference.

Be honest with yourself and the results will come. 

My new training programme has been intense, but my training is always intense so I’m cool with that. I like to train hard and maintain a high level of strength and fitness. When I go to the gym or go on a run, I push myself and get as much as I can out of the session. The training programmes I’ve been sent over by my coach have been good fun. It’s so easy to get stuck in the same training routine, doing the same exercises for the same reps and sets each time, which very quickly leads to plateaus. Another reason why many people stop seeing results in their fitness journeys is due to not making gradual progressions in their training. Whether you increase a lift by 1kg or push out an extra rep or two, these small changes will gradually add up and will cause you to work harder, causing your body to adapt and progress. If you’ve been doing the same workout day in, day out then switch it up. You may feel uncomfortable. You may get out of breath. You may even get sweaty, but you’ll thank yourself for it in the long run.

Having someone else come up with my training protocol has meant that new exercises and varying intensities have been introduced which has made training sessions very sweaty. This first phase of training has been quite glute and hamstring dominant so I’ve had a pretty sore arse for the past few days but apart from that, I’m feeling good.

End of Week 1: Weight and measurements

Weight – 61.5kg

Thigh – 59.5cm

Glute – 96cm

Waist – 70.5cm

Progress pictures: Start vs. Week 1