How not to be happy…

You know what really bugs us? People saying “life will be better once I’ve lost weight”, “I wish I was skinny” or “I’ll be happy when I’m size 6”.

It’s really sad how in today’s society, we associate being ‘skinny’ or losing weight with being happy. It’s seems to be the social norm which sadly is to be expected. It’s splashed all over those crappy magazines (which by the way, should all be banned/burned!) ‘lose 10lbs in 10 days and feel great.’ ‘Eat 500 cals a day and look your best.’ HUH?? Who do they employ to write these horrendous, misinformed and, most of all, dangerous articles?

We’ve both pretty much hit rock bottom in terms of our weight, but were we actually happy? Did limiting our calories make life enjoyable? Did our lack of body fat make us better people? Did people like us more for being a size 6 instead of a size 10? Absolutely not! In fact we can both safely say that being so thin made us the unhappiest we’ve ever been.

Your happiness SHOULD NOT be dependant on your weight or your body fat. 

Now don’t get us wrong, we all want to feel and look great. The greater you feel about yourself and your appearance, the more confidence you have and the happier and healthier you look. And of course we’re not saying that you shouldn’t want to lose a few pounds before bikini season or whatever it may be BUT what we are saying is that you shouldn’t base your happiness on weight loss.

Exercise, lose weight or get into shape because YOU want to. NOT because you feel that you have to in order to be happy or because a magazine tells you to do so. Eat well because you WANT to NOURISH your body and feel the benefits of fresh food. Go to the gym in order to feel FIT and STRONG and not because you feel you need to punish your body.

Thinking you’ll be happier when you’ve lost weight or when you look like that person on Instagram is a sad way to live because you’ll forever be chasing it. Besides, take away the fake tan, fake boobs and clever lighting and angles, and those insta girls look very different themselves. Even when we had achieved our anorexic weights we were still never happy with what we saw in the mirror. Once you’ve lost a bit of weight, your parameters will change and you’ll find something else you’re unhappy about or someone else you want to look like and so the downward slope of self loathing and unhappiness continues.

You wont find happiness chasing a number on the scales. Nor will you find it in a body fat percentage. Focus on health, focus on improving your friendship group, focus on your relationships, focus on your fitness, focus on doing cool stuff that brings you fulfilment, focus on loving yourself. You are enough just the way you are, and the sooner you see that for yourself the happier you will be with your life. It’s doing and loving these little things in life that will bring you TRUE and LONG TERM happiness.