Cake for breakfast?


A personal favourite of ours is CAKE! We’d happily have cake for every meal if it was acceptable (we think it is acceptable but we need to try look like we’re promoting health, right?). Anyway, people are always asking us “what should I eat for breakfast?” so we’re here to tell you that cake for breakfast is the way forward! Breakfast cake should be a thing and we’re here to make it a thing. Once you’ve tried this recipe, we think you’ll agree.

This recipe is so much easier than any other cake recipe and 1000 times healthier! Win win! Here goes…


50g Oats

80g Grated Courgette

1x scoop of whey protein powder (we love chocolate!)

1x egg white

1x tsp cocoa powder

Half tsp baking powder

Water (enough to bring the mixture together into a gooey consistancy)


There’s not really much to the method.

Simply throw the ingredients into a bowl, mix together and microwave for 2 and a half minutes.

Throw on any desired toppings.


Suggested toppings:

  • peanut butter and cacao nibs
  • almond butter and raspberries
  • choc shot and banana


The recipe above is just the basic frame for the Breakfast Cake so have a mess around and see what cool concoctions you can come up with. Maybe mix peanut butter in with mixture or some frozen berries or some chopped up nuts or choc chips?

Breakfast will never be boring again!

Let us know how you get on. We’d love to see your ideas and creations!

Happy breakfasting you beautiful people!