We don’t give a gap!

Gone are the days of the thigh gap trend which reigned social media…hoorah! No longer is it about striving to get a mere centimeter between your legs and being able to fit into the smallest skinny jeans in Topshop petite. Now it’s all about having healthy fit bodies and girls with muscles are desirable and sexy!

We both massively struggled with the appearance of our legs during our time suffering from eating disorders, and honestly it is still something that can effect us now if we’re ever having a bad day. Our disorders were both driven by the hatred of our legs, we would both waste time thinking about how we wish they were smaller and checking that we could still fit both hands around our thighs. This self hatred fuelled our disorders, caused us to starve ourselves and do endless amounts of cardio.

This is what is called ‘body dismorphia’- when you loathingly look at your reflection in the mirror and see something different to what is really there. Neither of us ever had fat legs, but even when we had reached anorexic weights, our minds would tell us that we did. Everytime you eat, you think it has instantly made you gain weight on the body parts you most detest because you have become so obsessed with it. But we all know of course, that this thinking is completely irrational and untrue.

Now that we have recovered, we actually both love our legs! Having strong legs which can squat heavy weights or sprint fast, which have shape and curve to them, as well as bigger booties are way better! Well who doesn’t want a big butt to fill out those jeans? It’s way more comfy to sit on! And so what if that means being a size bigger or having to throw those old skinny jeans out… what better excuse to get to go shopping! We love training hard, we love eating, and we’re proud of the muscle we’ve built and our efforts definitely don’t go unnoticed! Whether it’s someone complementing us on our squatting strength, our dedication to training or our peachy behinds, all the hard work pays off.

Girls should in NO way feel pressured to live off celery sticks just to have a certain type of leg shape- ANY leg shape for that matter! Part of your legs appearance comes down to genetics and body composition which you just can’t change, such as the positioning of the adductors at the top of your thighs. So whether you have naturally slim and toned legs or naturally short but muscular legs, there is no right or wrong way to look. They are all beautiful and sexy and we can all be fit, strong and healthy. Hating your body is just such a waste of time and energy! Why make yourself so unhappy picking yourself apart when you could spend your time much more wisely by appreciating what you have, loving your assets and looking at your reflection more positively. OK, so we may not all have the long legs of Victoria Secrets models, but why should we want to strive for something other than to be ourselves? What Mother Nature gave you is unique and beautiful in its own way! Besides, those VS models probably couldn’t squat SH*T. Embrace what you have and work with it! Train hard and eat well, and with patience and commitment your efforts will show. We both detested our legs, now they’re our favourite body parts (and leg day is our favourite training session!).

Being happy and comfortable in our bodies and especially with our legs means that when we do ever have a day where body dismorphia kicks in, we know that if we think rationally, we love ourselves just the way we are and we wouldn’t think twice about wanting to go back to our anorexic ways. We don’t give a gap! We’d rather have strong quads and ghetto glutes any day!