Protein powder myth buster

This week we’ve decided to straighten out a few things with regard to protein, protein shakes and supplements as there seems to be a few common misconceptions out there. We used to believe all sorts of myths and lies about protein and it’s effects when we first started training so don’t worry, you’re not alone! Here goes…

1. Protein powder will make me bulky

No! Protein powder or protein supplements such as bars are simply a way of increasing your protein intake. Protein is essential for muscle growth and repair, so if you are especially active, supplementing your diet can help reduce muscle soreness after working out and help you make more progress in increasing strength and muscle mass. Increasing your muscle mass doesn’t mean you suddenly turn into the hulk, it means a higher metabolism, lower body fat percentage, sexy curves and a strong booty. It would take a hell of a diet change and hormonal change for us girls to look like Arnie.

Think of it this way. Having a protein shake is like eating a chicken breast. They both provide you with a high amount of protein. You wouldn’t say that the protein in a chicken breast is going to make you ‘bulky’, so why would a protein shake? Protein is protein at the end of the day!

2. As soon as I finish my work out I must down a protein shake

Wrong! You see people running for their protein shakes straight after the gym as somehow we’ve all been made to believe that this is a necessity. Not true! Having a protein shake after your workout is fine and very convenient if you’re not able to have a meal. Whey protein is also quickly absorbed and digested. However, if you’re able to have a balanced, healthy meal after your session including high protein foods such as chicken or eggs and some carbs to aid recovery then do that! A balanced meal full of veggies, a lean source of protein and some yummy carbs has far more nutritional benefits and most likely tastes MUCH nicer!

The health industry are making a killing out of convincing people that they need these supplements in order to look like the fit girl who’s promoting it! Don’t fall for the lies! It just completely depends on the person, their lifestyle and their preference- if you enjoy supplements then they can be very beneficial and convenient while you’re on the go (we’d happily sit and eat 5 quest bars at a time!), but by no means do you have to be consuming them in order to look good or be healthy. Obviously real wholesome foods are always the best option regarding health, but if you haven’t got the time or need something on the go, a bar or shake is fine too.

3. Protein powders taste gross, it’s just a watery milkshake

True and false! Shakes made with lukewarm tap water can be pretty hard to swallow, we’re not going to lie, but a shake can instantly be made tastier by simply adding a few ingredients! Try adding a banana, a shot of coffee and some ice, blend it all up to make a delicious protein-banana-coffee shake (this goes best with chocolate or vanilla protein powder!). Likewise you could make a smoothie using various fruits, kale, and avocado. We also love to get creative with our protein…not only making smoothies and shakes, but also baking with the various flavours of protein we’ve managed to accumulate between us! There’s so many great recipes that you can find online for protein breads, pancakes, muffins, cakes… So not only can you eat your favourite foods, but you can give them a healthy makeover whilst upping your protein intake- ideal!

Check out our recipes for protein mug cakes and sweet omelettes!! Yum. More recipes to come soon!

4. I don’t need much protein, I don’t lift weights

True and false! People who are exercising and therefore need a higher calorie intake generally need more protein than those who are less active. However, people do tend to underestimate the amount of protein that they actually need and the health benefits that come along with it. As we said, protein supports muscle growth and repair, which in turn helps to improve metabolism and reduce body fat. Also, per gram, protein has the lowest amount of calories, which means you can eat more food for less calories! And let’s not forget that our hair and nails are primarily made up of protein so we need to make sure we take in enough in order to support their healthy growth. After all, who doesn’t want long hair and strong nails? Try adding a protein source to one of your snacks or increasing the size of your protein portion at each meal to gradually increase your intake. If you’re unsure of exactly how much you should be eating, there’s a simple calcuation you can use to help you:

body weight (kg) x 0.8 grams of protein = recommened amount of protein intake

This will however need to be increased for more active people who work out a lot.


We hope thats been insightful and helpful! Happy training and happy eating!