Repeat after me: I’M AWESOME

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Let’s talk SELF LOVE and HAPPINESS!!

A huge part of our recovery came from addressing negative views and opinions of ourselves and learning to love ourselves again. As much as society leads us to believe that loving ourselves is ‘big headed’ and ‘self absorbed’ and ‘stuck up’, we promise you its not at all. Learning to love yourself again doesn’t just happen over night. It takes time and work, but we can assure you, it makes life a whole lot easier! Its like any habit or change you want to make, practice makes perfect.

For a lot of people in the world, especially those suffering from an eating disorder, negative body image, lack of self love and obsessing over what others think of you is considered the ‘norm’. We all do it. We all compare ourselves to other people, in turn putting ourselves down and reducing our self worth. We all wish we had something that someone else has therefore forgetting the beautiful person that we actually are. We waste so much time putting ourselves down and worrying what others think about us. We allow these negative and irrational thoughts to take over and control our lives, leaving us in a place of self doubt and just damn miserable!

We focus on our ‘negatives’ and rarely compliment ourselves or realise our successes, achievements and positive attributes. When was the last time you said to yourself ‘I’m awesome’ or ‘I look fab today’ or ‘I did great on that piece of work’…whatever it may be, when was the last time you gave yourself a genuine compliment or realised your achievements.

Of course, were not saying that we don’t have our insecurities. Who doesn’t? But what we are saying is it’s about focusing on the things you do love about yourself. For example, Ella and I both used to (and sometimes still do now) have insecurities about our legs, thinking they’re too big and not the shape we want them to be. But we’ve now learned to flip that into a positive. These ‘big’ legs allow us to get some impressive PBs in the gym, get us through the 40 minute walk to uni every morning and look fab in a tight pair of jeans! Focusing on the positive takes a lot of stress out our lives. There’s not enough time in the day to be wasting it with all these negative thoughts

The other night, we spontaneously asked one another – what do you love about yourself?

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Even now, post recovery, its easy to forget to practice this, but with just one message from a friend, it really makes you reflect and acknowledge the qualities which you may have overlooked.

Here’s a few ideas you can try each day to help increase those positive thoughts and try wipe out those negative, irrational ones.

  1. When you wake up, tell yourself one thing you want to achieve today
  2. Every time you pass a mirror, stop and give yourself a compliment. Realise your positives traits and not your ‘flaws’
  3. Every time someone compliments you, ACCEPT IT! Smile and say thank you.
  4. When you go to bed, reflect on the positive things that happened in your day and give yourself the credit you deserve for the things you’ve achieved.
  5. Think positively, smile, have a laugh, be silly! Life is special and SO short. Enjoy it!
  6. And finally, remember! YOU’RE AWESOME and YOU GOT THIS!