Booty got back

We’ve been working hard on building our booties this semester, and have made some gains…

We’re both loving having our booties back since recovering from our EDs. Booty day is our favourite workout and we love helping each for motivation and technique, as well as show the guys how it’s done… by the end we’re always on the floor and can’t move! So we thought we’d share our top moves with you guys along with technique advice and variations. Most importantly, don’t be scared to get in the weights section with the muscle head guys or ask them how many sets they have left until you can use the squat rack. If it’s your first time and you’re worried people will think you’re weak doing light weights- screw them- everyone has to start somewhere. Focus on yourself, plug in that playlist which makes you think you can dance like Derulo, and get your game face on.

We’ve provided you with some variations for each move. The beginners variation is suggested for people who are either new to the gym, or those who are underweight and looking to build muscle and strength. The more advanced moves are only for people who are of a healthy weight, are familiar with the moves, and looking for new exercises to build muscle.

Squats! Always start your workout with the big compund movements. If the squat rack scares you, go to the smith machine which offers support. You need to have your feet hip width apart, get down really low, hold for a second at the bottom of the squat then explode back up pushing through your heels. Keep your core tight, shoulders back and head up. Aim for 3 sets of 8-10. You should be using a weight so that by the tenth rep you’re struggling. It’s really important to nail the technique before adding any weight.

For beginners: Only use your body weight. As your strength and your weight increases, try adding a light dumbbells by your sides, or holding a light kettle bell at your chest.

More advanced: Try pause squats. Hold the squat for approximately 3 seconds at the bottom before exploding back up. This is a great technique for increasing strength.

Walking lunges! Either with a barbell on your shoulders, dumbbells in both hands or a plate above your head, lunge alternative legs. Take long strides and push up through your front heel, remembering not to drag the other foot as you change legs. Tensing your abs will help you balance! Do 15-20 lunges one way then back again.

For beginners: Only use your body weight and start by focusing on technique. For your next set you could try holding 2kg dumbbells in each hand.

More advanced: The obvious variation would be to increase the wight. Alternatively, try holding a kettle bell up in the air with a straight arm and lunge with the opposite leg repeatedly. Switch legs on the way back.

Hip thrusts! We prefer to use a bar and bench for this although you can use the leg extension machine (youtube it to see how!). Sit on the floor with the bar on your hips, feet in front of you shoulders width apart and your shoulders resting on the bench. This can be pretty uncomfortable for our lady place so roll up a matt and place it under the bar. Push your butt up and squeeze it at the top. Dont touch the ground between reps! Aim for 3 sets of 12-15, and on the last one pulse for 8 seconds…it’ll burnnnnn!

For beginners: No equipment is required. Lie on the floor with your feet on the ground, and thrust your butt up to sky.

More advanced: Either increase your weight or your reps.

Kick backs! We use the smith machine for this one. Put the bar low and unlock it, and keep the weight low to start with. Put a mat on the ground and lay on your knees and elbows, with one foot on the floor and the other underneath the bar. Push the bar up with your foot- literally try and kick it to the ceiling. Remember to balance your body using your core, it feels a bit like a plank at the same time. Aim for 3 sets of 12-15 on each leg.

For beginners: No equipment is required. Get down onto your hands and knees and using the same technique, kick your foot back and up to the sky.

For advanced: Slow down the reps- count to 5 on your way up and down. This will fatigue the muscle in a different and you’ll really feel it burn.


The most important part of your workout is actually your post workout meal! In order for your muscles to repair and grow, they require nutrients! A balanced meal including carbohydrates, proteins, fats and fibre is essential for your body after a workout. Without it all your handwork will be wasted! We must stress that none of these exercises should be performed if you are not at a stage in your recovery where you are able to eat a meal afterwards which contains all these food groups. Our favourite post workout meal is turkey mince chilli (protein) with rice (carbs) and lots of veggies (fibre) and avocado (fats)!

Now let’s go hit the weights, nourish those beautiful bodies and get some junk in that trunk!