Exciting future plans: meet Laura!

As you all know, I started this blog in 2014 whilst recovering from my eating disorder. For me, this blog wasn’t just a means of therapy to help me get through the illness, but it was also a way of recording my struggles and successes in order to help others out there too.

Since then I have achieved a hell of a lot. I gained the weight I needed to continue my degree, lived abroad, and I am now back at university in my final year. It was this year that I met a pretty awesome person. We’d known of each other a while but never really crossed paths. We both knew we’d suffered from the same illness but it was never spoken about. But this year we were brought together not only by our common past, but by our mutual love for health and fitness, and our future aspirations. Laura is not only my training partner and study buddy for those long uni days, but she too wants to help people build healthy relationships with their body and food. Since I met her she has actually helped me during post recovery, a topic which we want to blog more about together. She has inspired me with her training ethic, dedication and commitment. She has taught me more about what balance means post recovery, and has helped me through the tough days.

Laura and I would end up talking for hours about how we want to help other girls not only recover from eating disorders, but also change the current presentation of fitness on social media by educating ourselves and in turn help others. As avid fitness followers, every day we see ‘fakeness’ in the fitness industry and how what is supposed to be the epitome of health is actually quite the opposite. We want to promote healthy recovery, creating balanced lifestyles, being comfortable within yourself and showing that we all have imperfections and insecurities, even post recovery.

This is our pledge to you:

To be honest and genuine about our experiences, sharing not only the good but the bad.

To better our knowledge in nutrition and fitness in order to be able to help others.

To prove that it’s possible to overcome great mental and physical challenges.

To be freaking awesome.

When sitting in the library, wondering what on earth we were going to do with our lives once we graduate, it all suddenly came together. Our words turned into plans and our thoughts turned into visions. Laura and I would love you to continue following us as we work together to try and help you guys to be as happy and healthy as possible…….

Watch this space!!! More posts to come soon!!!

Please go check out Laura’s instagram to get some fitness tips and inspiration, and see what a little dude she is.

Laura and Ella