How to have an AWESOME 2016

Happy New Year! I hope your heads aren’t hurting as much as mine is! I was too busy with my friends last night to truly think to myself about how I’m going to make sure that 2016 is even better than the last year, so I’m having a little think as I sip on some coffee and try and cure this hangover.

Resolutions are all very well, it’s always important to try and better yourself, to strive to be the person you want to be, to have goals and ambitions. But how many of us declare our resolutions, probably rather drunk, and then forgotten it by February… sound familiar?

To achieve goals, you have to be a good goal-setter. If you want to actually see your resolution through, there’s more to it than just a fleeting “next year I’m going to be healthier”… Let’s look at how to set goals properly and ensure you have an awesome 2016!

  • Be specific. Let’s take “healthier” as the goal- well that’s incredibly vague. Look back at 2015 and why it was “unhealthy” for you and where you can improve. To be more specific, find exactly how you could be healthier, for example eating less processed foods or creating a better eating routine by having consistent meals.


  • Make sure the goal is really for you. Just because the general trend for New Years resolutions is to do with health, it doesn’t mean you have to change anything if you’re happy with how your lifestyle is. Don’t go on some clean eating diet and cut out entire food groups, when actually you’re very healthy and happy the way you are. Look for goals which are unique to you and will help you as an individual.


  • Small steps lead to great achievements. By setting several little goals, at the end of the year you may have actually achieved something quite considerable. However, too many goals and you’ll get bogged down and won’t achieve any of them. Stick to 3 or 4. If your goal is to be able to do unassisted pull ups, you will have to start at the very beginning using the machine for assistance and build up your strength. You would have to do other weight exercises as well to strengthen your deltoids, trapezius, bisceps etc. By working up your weights step by step, your strength will increase and you’ll be on your way to your overall goal. 


  • Re-assess and adapt. Just because you decided on a goal doesn’t mean it’s set in stone. You might find that after a few weeks or months it isn’t for you or it’s not suited to your lifestyle and routine. Say your goal is to be more creative so you sign up for evening art classes, but you’re just not grasping it, then adapt your initial goal and try something different- maybe online digital design may be your forté. When something isnt working out don’t beat yourself up about it, rather look at where things are going wrong and why.


  • Acknowledge your success. It’s too easy to be negative and focus on how far away you are from your big goal. That’s also why the small goals are important- they keep you focused and the small and consistant achievements increase positivity. The best way to remember how awesome you are is to look at where you started, and see how far you’ve come. If it’s a physical goal, taking photos along the process and comparing them will give you a great indicator of how you’re doing. And don’t forget to blow your own trumpet when you’re absolutely nailing it- you’ve worked hard! It’s not being arrogant or big headed, it’s being confident and proud.


  • Write everything down! Keep a little diary of all your goals and your progress. Make sure you look at it every week to stay on track and remind yourself of your goals- sounds silly but it’s easy to go back to old habits and forget.


I hope everyone has an amazing 2016 and that this post helps you smash all of your goals! One of my personal resolutions is to blog more consistently and help inspire more people to become healthy and happy!